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HOW to Reach Your Goals for 2015 in SEVEN Steps!

Plans for the New Year? Read here the 7 Steps to make your good intentions last!

1. Make a list with your goals. Focus on the main goal. Write it out in huge words and stick it on the wall or your desktop. Add small short term sub goals to the list to make you help achieve the main target. If for example your goal is to run the marathon of New York add a 5 miles, 10 miles and half a marathon to your schedule!

2. Visualize your goal! Close your eyes and dream about You achieving your GOAL. Make the dream bigger and more colorful! Feel the emotions that come with reaching it. Visualize yourself being superslim or doing 50 push ups or running a triathlon or reaching the top of the Mount Everest. You can do it if you can visualize it!

3. Make measurable targets! And of course measurable sub targets on your list! Then there is no way to chicken out or to mislead yourself! You want to lose weight? Set yourself to loose a 10 pounds or even more healthy 5% of body fat! You want to ready more books? Set a well-defined objective measurable target. Set your self to read 15 novels each month. You can do the math yourself for your goal.

4. Look for POSITIVE alternatives! You are dropping something or quitting? Then chose a healthy and nice alternative to frame your choice POSITIVE. You quit smoking, start a nice and healthier alternative, even candy is better than cigarettes! You quit sugar, something I can advise everyone, chose a nice alternative. Look up nice recipes for sugar free cookies or sugar free cakes. You will be surprised and new world will open up!

5. REWARD for reaching goals! Set up rewards for yourself for reaching your goals. Give yourself a healthy meal out, new clothes or short holiday. If you reach your goal treat yourself! You have deserved it and of course it is also a great MOTIVATION to make you help to reach your goals!

6. POSITIVE side effects! You quit smoking, you save a lot of money not buying cigarettes! You lose weight, you probably eat more healthy too! And your live expectancy increases! And you have less chance to get heart diseases or cancer. Isn’t that a nice side effect? You exercise more in 2015 to get fit? Then you probably also lose weight and feel more happy! Yes sure, there is a positive correlation between happiness and exercise. So look for the positive side effects that come with your goals.

7. CONFRONT yourself! Someone or something stopping you from reaching your goals? Do not blame the outside world. Do not blame someone else. Do not blame the bloody weather! Look inside and confront yourself. Not everything will always be easy. By overcoming our inner blockages and fears we really will outdo ourselves. You can confront yourself and stop destructive patterns and inner conflicts. And then reaching our goals even has a bigger reward, because it comes with PERSONAL GROWTH.

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