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Moon cycle and Health

Tonight is full moon. A night full of legends like the werewolves and witches. Personally I always dream much more lucid in nights with full moon. I experience dreams to be much more energetic and psychic. For me there is no doubt there is an influence of the cycle of the moon on my dreams. What is known of the relation between mooncycle and health? Does the lunar phase have any influence on healing?

In Western science there is not a lot of research done on the influence of the moon cycle on health. Last year Swedish researchers published a paper on the influence of the lunar cycle on sleep. They found evidence that people sleep shorter during full moon and have more problems falling asleep. Another research from Max Planck institute on a larger data set, however shows no correlation between sleep and the mooncycle.

Of course there is the relation between the moon cycle and the women’s menstrual cycle. The moon cycle is on average 29, 53 days, depending on the elliptic cycle around the earth. The women’s period vary from 21-35 days and is on average 28 days. So they seem quite similar. On the other hand you can discuss on the link between menstruation and moon cycle. Some say it is pure coincidence that the phase has the same length.

What does eastern tradition say on the moon cycle?

According to Taoist philosophy the energy during full moon is high and new moon is low. The moon is in Taosim the Yin element and the sun the Yang element. And as Yin is dark and female. The Yang is the opposite light and male. This also corresponds to folklore where legends of witches are linked to full moon. So female energy corresponds to full moon. Similar in a Jungian way we can say that full moon represents more of the subconscious or the female archetype (anima), emotions and irrational behavior. Full moon stands in its positive part for creativity and party.

The period of waxing moon from new moon until full moon is seen as growth and manifestation. The waning period period then can be seen to flourish this manifestation of what grew from the subconscious. Waning period is the time to make reality of things and ideas that came up from the subconscious at full moon. It takes persistence and hard work to harvest what manifested from the subconscious.

I think these are interesting ideas to taking into account. The time coming now of waning moon is a time to harvest all great ideas and visions that came up in your consciousness the last few days.


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