Energy Is Flowing

About Me

P1070004After spending time working in a business environment, I felt the need to find more balance in my life. I started exploring my intuitive and creative sides, which led me to become interested in self-development and alternative healing, grounded in real life experience. This led to me confronting personal issues and traumatic experiences through a therapeutic process. Witnessing first-hand the power of alternative therapies to find one’s inner self, I decided to study healing and coaching to help others.

My professional training includes courses in Reiki (I, II & III), undertaken with a Reiki master in Amsterdam, after which I went to Japan to study with Hyakuten Inamoto. I qualified as an NLP practitioner at the University of NLP (UNLP) in Amsterdam, which forms the basis of my coaching practice. I qualified as a Therapeutic Touch practitioner at the Hogeschool Geesteswetenschappen, Utrecht (HGU), where I followed a B.A. in Energetic Therapy. I have also been involved with bio-energetic bodywork and continue personal study on this area.

I completed my four-year study of cranio-sacral therapy in 2013 at the Peirsman Cranio Sacraal Academie, Bussum, where I qualified as a certified cranio-sacral therapist. My final thesis focused on the potential of using cranio-sacral therapy in the prevention and cure of cancer and age-related conditions such as Alzheimers and Parkinson. I continue to be fascinated by the workings of the human body and the potential for cranio-sacral and other alternative therapies to complement Western medicine, following the latest scientific developments.

I live in Amsterdam with my girlfriend and our two children. Next to spending time with my family I love to play chess, watch movies, practice yoga and listen experimental music. I also practice aikido at the school of Tenchi Ryu in Amsterdam.

Willem Visser