Energy Is Flowing

Body-awareness coaching

Energy is Flowing also offers body-awareness coaching. During the session we combine the deep state of relaxation achieved through craniosacral therapy with talking to the body. We let the wisdom of the body speak to us. Often in today’s society we are too stressed or busy to listen to our bodies and tend to neglect its messages. During the session we listen carefully to the body and talk to it, using NLP communication techniques.

cranio_sacraal_therapie_amsterdam_3_schoudersThe body is really complex and it is a miracle to see how everything works. Nevertheless our bodies are often not operating at the level of optimal health. For many people today, this is due to an overactive stress response. This is partly an evolutionary problem, given that our stress systems were originally designed to help us survive in the jungle, and sometimes also the result of traumas from our childhood or earlier parts of our lives. Despite changing circumstances the stress hormones continue to shoot up all the time and we can neither hold them back or let go of them. We don’t run away when we read an urgent email or have a stressful meeting, as would have been appropriate in the jungle or an emergency situation. These scenario’s are stored in our amygdala (a part of brain) and with body-aware coaching we can reset and discharge the amygdala.

Talking to the body can be done on a micro level, even at the level of our cells. We can become more conscious of the automatic processes in our body. We can even talk to the immune system to increase its efficiency or, in the case auto-immune illnesses, to work towards re-programming it. This requires a deep level of body awareness, but the potential is there for the effects to be far-reaching.