Energy Is Flowing

Personal Coaching with NLP

Energy is Flowing offers personal coaching. I use NLP techniques to raise unconscious patterns to a conscious level to help you understand yourself better. This increased self-knowledge can support you in reaching your full potential, mentally rich and emotionally strong. Coaching aims to overcome inner blockages, to challenge irrational fears, destructive patterns and solve inner conflicts.

NLP is a collection of insights and skills which can give you more focus, self confidence and self awareness. It is backed up by a number of techniques which:

  • teach you to communicate more successfully
  • help you to discover and overcome the unconscious patterns behind actions and decisions
  • teach you to focus and reach goals
  • manage your thoughts, moods and behaviours more effectively

Coaching_amsterdam_2Feedback from a client about a coaching session:

“When I asked Willem to help me deal with a specific relational problem with friends whom I also have to work with professionally, he suggested to do a NLP session. The way Willem conducts this is very systematic in which he approaches the situation in a very open way, with patience and without any constraint. It brought about an interesting insight in the complexity of positions and the role they played in the problem which in the end worked out to become clearly defined. Such does not automatically lead to resolving the problems themselves, which appeared in my case quite irresolvable without running the risk to make things only worse. Sometimes we have to learn to let things go and leave them for what they are. After the session however I noticed a remarkable change in my attitude towards the problem on the longer run, dealing with it with more distance and enabling me to apply a greater flexibility in looking at the cases from more perspectives and with more compassion towards those different positions. It has been of great help.”