Energy Is Flowing


If you are wondering what you can expect from a session at Energy is Flowing, please read the following client experiences.

Combined craniosacral therapy and Reiki sessions:

“I went to Willem at a very difficult and hectic moment in my life. Among a million other things that were happening then, I was moving definitely from Amsterdam after having lived there for five years; I was also finishing my Ph.D. dissertation and having panic attacks. If anything, I felt I was loosing my ground in all possible ways. From the first session with Willem I felt solidly grounded. Physically, I felt as if previously I had been living outside my body and that the session had brought me back to it. Also mentally, I felt landed, much more clear and calm. I remember lying there, after it had ended, not wanting to move, not caring to move or to speak, to fill in any silences, when usually I would be anxious to be filling up time or worried about what someone would think if I didn’t move from their mat when I was supposed to. I have taken sessions with other physical therapists using similar techniques, yet I never felt so comfortable with myself as I did with Willem. I attribute this to the fact that, in the sessions, he really feels like a mediator, and does not have a presence that disturbs or distracts. He is very receptive and giving. But this is something one does not realize until later, because the sessions are a devoted, wisening and relieving experience with one’s self.”

Paulina Aroch Fugellie

Feedback about a craniosacral therapy:

“My name is Michelle and I suffer from chronic headaches. From the first craniosacral therapy session, it’s been a deep and life shifting experience. Willem is skillful and extremely intuitive. The results of our sessions have been exactly as he describes “Energy is Flowing”. Willem has a unique style of techniques which are energizing, mindful and amazing. He locates blocked energy and releases the pressure which results in increased energy and less pain.”



2013-08-04 09.12.37_1_1Feedback about a coaching session:

“When I asked Willem to help me deal with a specific relational problem with friends whom I also have to work with professionally, he suggested to do a NLP session. The way Willem conducts this is very systematic. He approaches the situation in a very open way, with patience and without any constraint. It brought about interesting insights into the complexity of positions and the role they played in the problem, which in the end also became more clearly defined. This did not automatically lead to resolving the problems themselves, which appeared in my case to be quite irresolvable without running the risk of only making things worse. Sometimes we have to learn to let things go and leave them for what they are. After the session however, I noticed a remarkable change in my attitude towards the problem on the long run, dealing with it with more distance and enabling me to apply a greater flexibility in looking at the situation from more perspectives and with more compassion towards those different positions. It has been of great help.”


Feedback about a craniosacral therapy and body-awareness coaching session:

“I went to Willem for a session when I was exhausted from a stressful work situation and worried about getting a burnout. I was experiencing ongoing headaches, occasional anxiety and some other physical complaints. After an overall relaxation of my body, Willem did craniosacral therapy techniques that focused on the brain. I didn’t expect any “quick fix” for my stress levels but after the first session my headache of three days cleared completely. I felt much more space in my head, as if someone had given my brain a massage on the inside and everything was less tight. He also talked me through the different parts of my brain and how they function. The sessions made me more aware of the physical effects of stress on my body and the understanding they have brought me has helped me to better take care of myself.”